If you get the AOL gold desktop not working error message during the connection process. 

It could be due to the shameful setup. So you should consider downloading a new setup and start the setup process with it. Let’s see how it works? 

I think it will solve the AOL desktop setup and not answer the issue. 

In today’s fast paced life, we want it all to happen quickly, then how can we allow it if AOL AOL gold desktop not working bang. Though AOL Desktop Gold is a wonderful software that offers protected web browsing services along with added security and fast processing speed, being a hi-tech product, it may also fall short on some mark. Therefore, in order to keep your work smooth and synchronized with the pace of your life, we have listed here the most effective steps to rule  AOL gold desktop not  working point.

Previous solve the AOL Desktop Gold Won’t Open Issue

This is a fact that technical issues never come to light due to one reason. There are several reasons that may show this issue, however, we have mentioned here some of the major causes for the error “AOL gold desktop not working”.

  • graceless installation of AOL Desktop Gold Software.
  • Smashed or honest software files.
  • opposite of AOL Gold with some other file already installed on your system.
  • Effect of virus or malware that may be creating a break in the application.
  • purge or damaged hard disk of system

Problem with infusion if AOL Desktop Gold not Responding

One of the most usual issues AOL Gold users face is AOL gold desktop not  working. Every so often, AOL Desktop Gold stops responding to any command given by the user. There are many parts due to which this problem occurs with AOL Desktop Gold software. In this blog, you will notice the steps to fix this issue.

AOL desktop is not responding to issues that can be one of the most common issues for the internet. 

Here are the below AOL gold desktop not working:

Quit the program from task manager- 

Whenever you see the stopped working or not answer message, while you open up the AOL desktop program. 

You should quit the plan and restart it. 

For windows users- 

  1. Press Ctrl + ALT + Delete button all at once. 
  2. Click on the task tab. 
  3. Now select your AOL desktop application, and click on the end program. 
  4. Now you will see a pop window, now you need to click on the end program. 

Once your AOL desktop program disappears from the process tab, you need to reopen it. 

For Mac Users- 

If you are using a Mac computer, you need to follow the order given below to quit the program. 

  1. Right-click on the AOL desktop icon, at hand in the task manager. 
  2. Click on force quit. 

Your Device is not compatible with the program – 

Have you checked the device united for your AOL gold desktop not working ? Is your device compatible with it or not? 

Because, If you are using an older computer. Which has smaller hardware than required by the aol desktop application demand? It can be a major reason behind it. 

In such a case, you have to upgrade the gear, then only you will be able to run the program on your device. 

Otherwise, you will keep getting the AOL gold desktop not working to the error message on your computer.

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