Embed engaging real-time voice, video, and in-app chat adventures. Into your apps with QDS cloud contacts APIs. Get started with 4 lines of code. And enable enriched exchanges with more features.

Enable real-time sessions on any channel

Use our voice, video, and in-app cloud chat SDKs. To develop the exact communication features. Your users need. For connecting. Sharing. And talking with each other. Anytime, anywhere.

Create more memorable experiences

Liven up the relations and elevate the vibes for your users. With a rich set of cloud add-ons. Including passionate responsive avatars. AI-powered video effects. Whiteboards, and more.

Stay on top of your cloud services

Monitor the quality of communications in real-time. And gain insights into your user experience. With our powerful cloud observing. And analytics tools. So you can respond to any issues swiftly. And improve your cloud services always.

Daily call minutes


Countries & territories

QDS CLOUD’s social solutions help you. To build 1-on-1 group video calls. Live audio rooms. And social live streaming. Into your apps. To help your users connect. And have fun together. Add face decoration. Virtual gifting. And co-hosting. Furthermore, other boosting features for your users. To create more fun. Also unique shared experience.

Transform education with remote and hybrid learning.

Our education solutions help you. Build virtual classrooms of all types. And all sizes. By adding team whiteboards. That works perfectly in sync. With live audio and video. Screen sharing. And file sharing. You can make your online education platform. More engaging and effective.

We provide live shopping solutions.

That can help brands and merchants. Bring in-store shopping experiences online. In shoppable live streams, hosts can showcase a product. By modeling it. And showing how it works. In front of the camera. Furthermore, engaging with the viewers. By answering their questions. And guiding them through the buying process.

QDS CLOUD’s fitness solutions.

They enable fitness businesses. To build online gyms. And provide different types of online fitness services. Including virtual fitness classes. And live streaming fitness sessions. 1-on-1 private fitness coaching. Workouts together, and more.

Use our telehealth solutions. To add remote talks. Video first aid. And online medical training. To your healthcare platform. Connect patients with doctors through reliable. Secure. And high-quality voice and video calls.

We provide remote partnership solutions.

For building productive remote workforces. Enabling teams of all sizes. To work from home. Or anywhere. And cooperate virtually. With each other. By using voice and video calls. Real-time messaging. And screen sharing. File sharing, whiteboards, and other tools.

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