Common email problems and solutions. There are email problems, some of which are easily recognizable, and others that will require investigation. Below is one of the common email issues and their solutions.

Note If common methods do not resolve your problem, many try the additional methods listed in the table.

Error messages or error codes.                 

  • The server could not be found. (Account: account name, POP server mail, Error Number: 0x800ccc0d)
  • Timed out waiting for a response from the receiving server (POP) 0x8004210a.
  • Timeout communicating with server 0x800ccc19.
  • Error code: 0x8007000c
  • Error code: 0x800C013b

Other problems getting email.

If you have one of the problems try again and get in touch with another email provider.

  • Connection timed out
  • Emails arrive in the wrong order
  • Receive new emails after an import is stopped
  • Connection reset
  • Emails arrive more than once
Common email problems and solutions
The silent treatment
Common email problems and solutions. You can move the project up with a solution on your own. If not send a one-second email if you’ve had time to consider my request Sometimes the has so many emails that yours may have gotten lost in the clutter? immediately And pick up the phone or knock on the door.
The too-big-to-send file
Common email problems and solutions. Big attachments. Send a note to check that it will get in through their system before you attach it. Services like Dropbox let you share your files on their servers. (Be sure to check your internal on this before uploading anything confidential.)
Your email password could get hacked
Common email problems and solutions. don’t use emails at the hot spots unless you are typing on an HTTP connection webmail and are using secure (pop, IMAP). You can tell Gmail and some other gmails.
Web-based to always use HTTP (that’s in your Settings and it can be a thing to turn on). Other providers may have one option you really should check because it can save you from careless and costly mistakes.
Why is mail stuck in my Outbox?
Common email problems and solutions. It is just one of the emails, it could be Look at the address carefully you have mistyped it ( instead of for example). I see things like that comma shouldn’t be there.
If you’ve configured your Gmail to Offline mode, it can push your email to Outbox. Verify if the Offline mode is on the page that opens check if the box next to ‘Enable offline mail’ is check or not. You need a check your box and see if the problem is resolve. If you’re facing problems downloading emails from your account into Gmail or if emails are missing or deleted after your import Gmail.

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