To be able to predict a page’s ranking in the search engine results pages(SERPs). You can check the ranking system called the DA PA checker. Or domain authority checker. You can use a grading system called the Moz page authority developed by Moz.

In order to be able to use this fully, the search engine must rank your page between 1 and 100. So you have to do all you can to make sure the search engine ranks it higher.

da pa checker

Moz web index bases the rankings. It uses algorithms just like the DA PA checker and Domain Authority checker. After it uses a machine. To discover the algorithm that has the greatest correlation with the many SERPs. They can use to predict keywords used, it gives the page scores.

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The DA PA Checker uses a 100-point logarithmic scale to calculate your page ranking. Its presence makes collating the results easier than using any other scaling method. In addition, the scores are likely to fluctuate periodically. Since they make sure to update the algorithm used to calculate the Page Authority. To check the Page Authority, please click here.

What is Page Authority?

You can use Page Authority to discover the ranking of your website when tested with the algorithm set for it. You can test Page Authority when the data is extracted from the data on Moz scapes Web Index and Moz counts the number of links on the website as well as numerous factors.

How you can increase the page authority

  • Use smart keywords: use keywords that are precise and straight to the point. You can use a lot of keywords that touch many subjects but don’t use unrelated keywords.
  • Use keywords with the right qualifiers: use top qualifiers that will give uniqueness to your topic.
  • Value matters: make sure your page has quality. No matter how effective your keywords are. Once users discover that your page is useless. Your ranking will drop over time.
  • Add value: you can add value to your page by adding useful things like infographics, videos, and even a how-to guide.
  • Create content with depth: no user will want to view a page that is long but meaningless, it wastes time. So try to make extensive research before creating your page and make it informative and people will visit it again and again thereby increasing the rankings.
  • Attractive design: beautiful aesthetics are a must if you want those higher rankings. Users will want to explore your page more if it is both informative and pleasing to the eye.
  • Catchy titles and descriptions: a title and description go a long way in attracting users to your page, it is very important. It makes it easy for people to know what the topic is about. So make sure to use a title that will attract their attention at first glance.
  • More External Links: when your links on other websites perform well, you will also get more ranking when it comes to such topics.
  • Study your competitors: search for pages relevant to the page you’re working on and then compare it to your work. There might be some mistakes you might have overlooked or points you might have forgotten to add.

Is Page Authority Important in Seo?

Yes! Google or other search engines will show the pages with good rankings before they show others. This means you must put in extra effort to have your page at the top of the rankings.

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