Add Outlook account to Gmail must connect to and communicate with Gmail in order to switch Gmail mailboxes properly. Then, Microsoft Outlook employs a migration destination to do this. The technical term “migration endpoint” refers to the configuration options required to establish the connection to migrate mailboxes. In this job, you select the migration endpoint.

Admin centre for Microsoft Outlook described

However, Two perspectives are available in the Microsoft Outlook admin centre. The simplified view aids smaller enterprises in managing their most often tasks. The dashboard view has more complex settings and functions. Add Outlook account to Gmail a button at the top of the admin area allows you to change between them.

Furthermore, You can reset passwords, check accounts, add or remove users, and do a lot more with the Microsoft Outlook admin centre.

Use your work account to log into, then choose the app launcher.

Then, You will see Admin in the list if you are allowed to access the admin You will see Admin in the list if you are allowed to access the admin Choose it.

Microsoft Outlook

Review the main actions for you at the top of the admin centre. As well as depending on the settings you have already made, such as adding new accounts, using Teams, configuring email, and downloading Office apps, you might see different activities add outlook account to Gmail.

A list of users who have access to apps and services, can add new users, reset passwords, or use the three dots (additional actions) menu may be found under Your organization on the Users tab. And choose a person to view or modify their details and preferences.

Then, Create a new team or manage an existing one on the Teams tab. A team’s members can be managed, or you can modify other Teams’ settings by choosing the three dots (additional actions).

And add new goods, licenses, or payment methods using the three dots (additional actions) option on the Subscriptions tab.

How do I add  Outlook Account To Gmail?

Browse the videos and articles on the admin centre and other Microsoft Outlook features under the Learn tab. Open the navigation menu and expand the headings to see more to explore the admin centres more slightly. Use the search bar to quickly locate what you are searching for or choose to Show all to see everything in the navigation menu.

If you require help, click Help & support. Enter your query and contact information after searching for the topic you need assistance with, viewing the suggested solution, or choosing the headset to speak with customer service.

Add Outlook Account To Gmail

  • Visit the Exchange admin area and Add Outlook account to Gmail
  • Navigate to Recipients>Migration>More>Migration endpoints in the Exchange admin centre.
  • To build a fresh migration endpoint, select New.
  • Add Outlook account to Gmail and select IMAP on the page that asks you to select the migration endpoint type.
  • Set the IMAP server to and keep the default settings on the IMAP migration configuration page.
  • Select Next. The settings are used by the migration service to check the system’s connection to Gmail. The Enter general information screen appears if the connection is successful.
  • Enter the name of a Migration endpoint, such as Test5-endpoint, on the Enter general information page. To keep the default values, set the other two boxes empty.
  • To create a new migration endpoint, select New.

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