PST file in the Outlook data file that contains local copies of your Exchange mailbox’s messages, notifications, and other things. It has a similar concept to Outlook 2003 and can store all of your Outlook folders, such as the inbox, Schedule, and Contact information.

To view PST file in Outlook

Click File > Open & Exports > Open Outlook Data File from the Options menu. Note According to how Outlook is set, this is most possibly the location where the:

Browse the Outlook Data File. (.pst) after choosing it.

The Outlook Data File. (. pst) will show in your folder tab once you open it.

What information does the pst file in outlook contain

The PST file in outlook contains all of our data. Email folders, Contacts, Calendars, blogs, and Tasks are just a few of the functions present. It may also follow Certain rules, depending on your edition. For at least TEN YEARS, Outlook has not used a “Personal Address Book.”

How do I know which PST file in Outlook is?

Click the account you want to check in the “Account Settings” window’s “Data Files” tab. Then select the “Open File Location” button. Outlook will show the folder holding your  file in a File Explorer window (or OST file if you selected an account that uses one.)

How do you back up a pst file in Outlook in USA and Canada ?

Does the  PST file contain account settings?

No, it does not contain account settings. You can prefer to use an existing pst-file instead of having Outlook create a new one. When putting up the account on your other PC.

How do I read a pst file?

Click to Open on the File menu, simply select Outlook Data File.

Click OK after choosing the post file you would like to open. The folder list shows the user of the folder which is linking with the data file. Choose the folder list from the Go button to see all the Folder lists.

How many PST files can I have?

In outlook 2007 and outlook 2003, the default file size maximum was 20 GB. If you want to open a Unicode pst knowledge produced in outlook 2010. Or later on, a system that has Outlook 2007. If Outlook 2003 loaded, you may need to minimize the file’s size.

How do I share a PST file in outlook with another user?

Person A – Transfer the files to person B via email.

You should then have a pst file on your desktop with the email folders you will be forwarding to person B.

Open the pst file on your desktop and update the pst extension. XYZ.

Making a new message to the receiver in Outlook seems unable to locate the pst file. This is OK; simply hit OK and then cancel.

Send a mail with the attached documents as any other attachment.

You are almost done. Please hold off on going until you hear from Person B. 

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