I like to use setup Outlook on Gmail as a particular desktop for my business and particular mails. You can have multiple accounts set up in MS Outlook and all your emails will come to a single Outlook operation. You’ll have multiple Inboxes visible in the left pane, and each incoming gmail will end up in a similar Inbox. When you shoot an gmail from Outlook it’ll give you an option to elect which regard you’re moving from one place to another your gmail from

There are two different gmail rules of conduct IMAP( Internet Communication Access Rules of conduct) and POP( Post Office Rules of conduct). The main difference is that IMAP rules of conduct always matches up with and aligns with gmail garcon so that any changes you make in your gmail customer  setup Outlook on gmail will in an uncontrolled way appear on your webmail inbox.

With POP rules of conduct your gmail customer account and gmail garcon aren’t synced. It means that any changes you make to your gmail account in the gmail customer won’t affect the webmail inbox. Aslo, after an gmail is delivered to your customer Outlook, you may cancel that gmail in the webmail box, and it’ll still stay in the Outlook.

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Side setup outlook on Gmail


  1. Log into your Gmail account and click on the gear in the top right corner and select Settings
  2. Click on Forwarding and POP and IMAP tab and Enable POP for back-and-forth writing. That arrives from now on you can also Enable POP for all back-and-forth writing. Click Save Changes at the bottom
  3. Starting to happen, while being logged in to your email account go to the following Google runner https//www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps and turn on lower secure app access

At this point, you’re done configuring your Gmail side. Let’s go to Outlook now.

Outlook side setup

1. Open Outlook and go to train a‡¾ Info a‡¾ Add Account

2. On the bus Account Setup outlook on email is on-screen elect Manual Setup or fresh garcon types, also click Coming

3. On the Choose Service screen select POP or IMAP, also click Coming

4. On the POP and IMAP Accounts. And the Settings screen enter the following information

  • Your name and email address
  • Account Type POP3
  • Gmail Garcon Information
  • Incoming back-and-forth writing garconpop.gmail.com
  • talkative back-and-forth writing garcon( SMTP)smtp.gmail.com
  • Usernameyou@gmail.com
  • Your word
  • Check Remember word

5. Click on further settings., also click on the talkative Garcon tab and elect My talkative garcon( SMTP) needs/demands (verifying someone’s identity), and Use the same settings as my incoming back-and-forth writing garcon

6. Click on the Advanced tab. And enter the following information

  • Garcon Port figures
  • Incoming Garcon( POP3) 995
  • Check the box This garcon needs/demands a translated connection( SSL)
  • talkative Garcon( SMTP) 587
  • Select TLS for translated connection type for talkative garcon
  • For Delivery, I check to Leave a trick of emails on garcon and Remove from garcon when deleted from’ Deleted details’, but you may choose different Delivery options.

7. Click OK, also Next and Outlook will test your account settings. However, click Finish, If the test is a success. At this point, you completed your setup outlook on email and are ready to shoot and admit Gmail from Outlook.

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