outlook crashes or freezes on openingThere are some  common manual techniques or some post- crash methods that can help you regain your outlook access. And solve the issue quickly in this  section. We will now review each one of them in a careful way.

Update outlook.

Sometimes it’s all about updating your software. Recent upgrades include functions and might be helpful if you are receiving errors while accessing a particular mailbox item.

If outlook keeps crashing, read this article to find the most frequent causes for outlook crashes. And their solutions of outlook crashes or freezes on opening.

Main reasons for outlook crashes.

There are four major reasons that can cause outlook crashes or freezes on opening

  • A windows system infected with a virus/ malware code;
  • A hardware issue;
  • Corrupted outlook installation;
  • damaged outlook data files;
outlook crashes or freezes on opening


The best thing to do is download and install the office configuration analyzer tool. This free diagnostic tool is apretty new addition to the office suite. But it works for all outlook versions starting with outlook2003. Unfortunately it is’t mentioned anywhere in outlook crashes or freezes on opening.

Solutions for outlook crashes 

These solution should also apply to previous outlook versions too. As details above if offCAT reported  an outlook crash caused by a system file, you can try one of the following solutions:

Make sure you have the latest office/ outlook update applied on you outlook 2013 installation. If you don’t know how to update it, here is how to update outlook

Start outlook with the /firstrum switch, so it loading as for the first time. ( to use it, simply typy “outlook/first run” in the windows run command box). If you see solves your crashes, so then the outlook crashes were caused by an outlook misconfiguration.

Outlook freezes or is not responding

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular emails clients in the world. According  to the report by outlook is the go to the revenue about the employess.  amag the individual users too. it accounts for about emails market share. And the popularity in outlook we can still throw errors, and just like any other tool. And one of the most common problems that outlook freezes or doesn’t respond at all.


Here are some solutions to fix this error that can be frustrating.Restart Outlook.

As with any tool , the easiest first option is to restart  outlook. As this can release unwanted cache and other processes that are deadlocked ideally, close outlook and its safe mode. You can do this when you follow any of these ways.


  • You have not installed the latest updates or patches.
  • It is used simultaneously  by another process.
  • Some program that you installed or the assciated process conflicts with outlook.
  • An add-in you installed is interfering with the processes of outlook. 
  • Your computer is infected.
  • Mailboxes are too big.
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