Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your website rank on the umpteenth page of Google, despite your continued efforts to climb the ranks. In this article you will learn how to rank your website higher on google:

 Most SEOs preach discovering your page two rankings, then trying to push them to page one. That seems logical, but there is two aim why this isn’t a great idea:

  1. It’s not always easy to help rankings by 11+ spots.
  2. Merely a line on page 1 shouldn’t be your goal if you want more traffic.

That first point should be pretty user-friendly. Think of it like this:

It’s easier to win the match from two goals than from ten behind.

As for that second point, How to rank your website higher on google take a look at the mode CTR curve for the first couple of pages of Google results:

You can see that the click rate decreases rapidly as you go down the ranks.

This means if you can move up the ranks by just one position from #5 to #4, you’ll see bigger traffic growth than moving up ten positions from #21 to #12.

It’s not a small difference either!

If your primary target keyword gets 10,000 searches per month, then the numbers look about like this:

Position #5 → #4 = +230 visitors/month

Position #20 → #10 = +9 visitors/month


This is based on average CTR. In real life, this differs on a keyword by keyword basis. 

So, what you need to do is find the keywords for which you before rank on the first page in positions #4-10 and focus almost on these.

To do this, paste your domain into Site scout go to the “Organic Keywords” report, then filter the report to show only How to rank your website higher on google the keywords for which you know to rank in positions #4 –11.

Finally, as you only want to see “true” rankings, exclude all owned SERP details using the SERP features filter. Just click the pull-down, hit “Exclude,” select “All features,” then tick the “Only linking to target” box.

Every keyword in this refine report is one for which you already rank, but not in pole position. That means there’s still room for boost.

The next step is to skim this list for keywords that you most want to better rankings for.

How to rank your website higher on google Having said that, there’s no point following rankings for low-value keywords, or those that are likely to be difficult work. So here are a few things to look for to pick out the best candidates.

a) Keywords that so far drive the most traffic

Generally speaking, keywords close to the top of this report are the best targets How to rank your website higher on google if your goal is to maximize organic traffic.

If you pay attention to the “traffic” column, you’ll see that there are a number of keywords that already drive tons of traffic to our posts for all our less than perfect rankings.

Given that improving rankings by just one place can increase CTR by up to ~94% on average? We wouldn’t need to rank much higher for these keywords to highly increase traffic.

b) Keywords with high search volumes

Improving rankings by just one position can nearly dual the traffic you get from that keyword. But double nothing is still nothing.

So check the “Volume” post to make sure that the keyword has search volume.

c) Keywords with low KD scores

Keyword Difficulty(KD) is our trademarked keyword toil score.How to rank your website higher on google It runs on a scale from 0–99 with those at the higher end typically being solid to rank for than those at the lower end.

For that reason, it’s worth skimming the KD column in the report and lay out those with a lower KD score.

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