The Google search algorithm Updates is a powerful system. And that enables Google to find, rank, and deliver the most relevant pages for a given search query. However, To be more technical, the entire ranking system comprising of numerous algorithms that consider factors such as page quality, relevancy, and usability.

What is the purpose of Google algorithm updates?

Every year, Google updates the fundamental algorithm that generates search results hundreds of times. Moreover, there are two types of Updates minor (frequent) and major (infrequent) categories. And they largely intend to improve the quality of search results from users’ point of view. 

In May 2022, Latest Core Algorithm Updates

Google announced the launch of the May 2022 Core Algorithm Update, which practically indicates the season of changing SERPs is back. And there has been a lot of publicity about an impending Google Core Update, especially considering it’s been six months since we last saw one. And Google last released a major upgrade in November of 2021.

In May 2022,  The Google Product Reviews Update

The Google product reviews algorithm update tries to promote review content that goes further than much of what you will find on the internet. And According to Google. And these kinds of product reviews update will be prioritized in its search results ranks.

Google Algorithm Updates

9 Major Google Algorithm Updates  


First, the google algorithm update is a panda. And in 2011 Google launched the Panda update to catch duplicate content and key stuffing.


Then, the Penguin update has introduced in 2012. And targets manipulative link-building practices also link spam.


However, the Hummingbird update launching in 2013 is a real-time algorithm update. And it is working on the user’s intent and also works on the lengthy query. And provides the best relevant result.


The first of Google’s local search algorithm upgrades includes being given the code name Google Pigeon. However, The update has introduced in 2014. Then, The update aims to increase the ranking of local listings in a search.  Along with the common Google search results, the transformations will affect the search results provided on Google Maps.


Then, Google introduced this update in 2015. And these are machine learning algorithm updates. Also, it helps Google to understand the query which has never been searched before and already on the basis of existing data. Besides, it tries to understand what is its meaning and what is its intent.


Google used BERT in its search system. Google’s most recent change, is BERT’s acceptance in the search algorithm. And this update was announced in October 2019. Although Google had already implemented models to interpret human language, this release was regarded as one of the most significant in the company’s business.


Launching this update in 2020. When the medic update came, the ranking of most health-relating websites has effects. And After the arrival of this update, google keeps all health-related websites in a separate category.

Google Page Experience 

Then, The update was introduced on June 16th,2021. Google page experience algorithm updates provide a brief summary of the user’s experience with those who visit your site. 


The Site Diversity update is on June 3rd, an adjustment that seeks to eliminate multiple listings from the same domain from the search engine result page (SERP) 

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