PPC or Pay-Per-click is when every time someone clicks the ad. The advertiser has to pay each time in this digital marketing. That means the advertiser has to pay when a person actually clicks the ad. In simple words, PPC is the ad that marketers use to make the product visible at the top of the search list.

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The ad shows up when the buyer or customer types his/her search product. Or website or anything the viewer wants to check, buy, or what they are searching for on any search engine. Like Google, Firefox, or any search engine. It will come up at the very front of the page. Most marketers use it for commercial ads like if someone has to buy something.

What is PPC?

Types of PPC:

  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Remarketing Advertising
  • Google Shopping

Paid Search Marketing

It is the most common type of Pay-Per-Click. If a customer or the viewer searches any specific keyword. Regarding their product, the ad will come up. This paid per search, is mostly based on the content because it is a type that involves writing and basically based on texts.

Display Advertising

These are the types of ads in which the provider can target a particular audience. Through images, banners, or text ads. In this, the provider links display ads with the website. It is basically used to provide a brand message. To the site visitors and general advertisements. It is basically for business awareness. 

Paid Social Media Advertising

Marketers do paid social media advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It is beneficial because of these PPC ads. You can increase your click-through rates on the website. They will also do awareness of the products automatically through this type of ad.

Remarketing Advertising

This type of ad is basically used to reengage the clients. To your business or products which the viewer has already visited your site.

Google Shopping

The google shopping ads are like Mary-go-round. Come on to the top main search results. These google shopping ads are very effective for the provider. And the viewer too. Because it provides lots of information to the visitor. Before they click on the ad. This thing attracts the visitors. More than after they can think to click on the ad and go to the website.

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