Outlook is not sending emails first, You can click on submit button and then receive it after responding to your email. After some time has passed, the client contacts to inform you that they have not received your proposal. Your pulse quickens. The email was sent by you. When you open Outlook, your mail is stuck in the outbox, despite the fact that it was sent successfully. We’ve all had the above experience, and it always seems to happen at the worst possible time. However, there are several workarounds available to assist you in determining why Outlook is not delivering emails and what you can do about it.

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email and calendar application today. Businesses all over the world rely on Outlook to keep their business communications running smoothly, with over a billion users. Microsoft Outlook is used by businesses to handle emails, time, and contacts, and it is also used to share calendars and organize meetings.

If Outlook is not sending emails Here are a few things you can try to get the messages that are stuck in your inbox sent:

  • Check your online presence
  • The email address check
  • Check the send options in your Outlook
  • Your Outbox folder may be damaged
  • Your profile may be damaged
  • Resend the message in the outbox

If Outlook is not sending emails Try to Resend the email message

Outlook updates the status of the emails and places them in your outbox when you compose and send an email. If you open an email while it is being sent, Outlook may modify its status but leave the email in your outbox. When an email has been left in your outbox without being sent, the simplest solution is to manually resend it.

To do so, go to your outbox folder, double-click the unsent email, and then pick sent. This will update the status of the emails, and Outlook will attempt to send them again.

Check your status

Outlook allows you can work both offline and online mode. If your mail is still sitting in your outbox and has not been sent, then firstly check your status to confirm you are working in online mode.

To check your status if the outlook is not sending emails

  • Open your version of MS Outlook
  • Click the File tab
  • If there is a checkmark next to Work Offline then click it to remove the checkmark

Once you have confirmed you are working online, click send and receive again to send the emails to your outbox.

Check the email address

The mail may stay unsent due to an address match between your email address and the saved address. Add the email address to your address book if it is not already in your address book. If the outlook is not sending emails this is frequently helpful in getting that obstinate email sent.

Check the send options in your Outlook if Outlook is not sending emails

Follow the steps below to ensure that the send options in Microsoft Outlook are correct:

  • Start Outlook.
  • Navigate to the “Tools” tab.
  • Depending on your Microsoft Outlook version, go to the “Mail Setup” tab or the “Send” tab.
  • Make sure that “Send Immediately” is selected.
  • Make sure your PC or laptop is connected to your internet provide
Why Outlook is not sending emails in the USA and Canada

Build a new outbox folder

If the initial changes do not work, the issue could be due to a corrupted outbox folder. Creating a new outbox folder is straightforward. You can import messages from the old damage outbox folder. Your new one, but make a backup of your email before doing so, just in case something goes wrong. It is simple to make a copy of your email by copying the bulk of it with an application. like Microsoft Word to save time if the email is lost throughout the process.

First, in Outlook, create a new outbox folder or any other normal folder. Then exit the program and then search for the file with the extension “.dbx” in Windows Explorer. So, to discover the outbox folder, type outbox. dbf into the search box. Delete this file on your computer. Please keep in mind that any unsent mail will be lost at this point. Restart Outlook now. A new Outbox folder will be created by Outlook. Make a fresh email with your word backup and try sending it again.

Create a new Outlook email profile

  • If outlook is not sending emails Select “Add” to add a new profile:
  • Firstly follow some instructions to set up a new mail profile.
  • Then start outlook and try to send you an email again.

I hope the outlook is not sending emails problem fixes helped you get your email sent in time!

Outlook Support Phone Number.

Toll-Free Number: +1 800-350-3208

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